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Welcome to Bali Puppet Factory

Welcome to Bali Puppet Factory, a sanctuary of cultural preservation. Step into a world where each puppet tells a story of Indonesia's rich heritage. Join us in preserving this magical art form.

Discover Our Collection

Dive into our diverse collection of Indonesian treasures. From ancient Buddhist art to fine sculptures, explore a wide range of categories that showcase the richness of Indonesia's cultural heritage.

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Tales and Insight

This video showcases our own designed and selfcrafted Wayang Panji and larger Majapahit puppets. Filmed privately in 1993 at our studio in Yogyakarta, Central Java, it features local elder Dalang Puppeteers who prefer to remain anonymous, as it was rare for a male and female puppeteer to perform together traditionally. The story depicted in this video narrates the amorous adventures of Prince Panji, a famous 12th-century figure, and his quest for his beloved consort Princess Kirana.

Our Location in Bali

Schedule a private viewing at our showroom and immerse yourself in the magic of Indonesian puppetry.

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