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About Us

Welcome to our Bali Puppet Factory website, founded by Chan and Nenny Lukhita in 1981. Explore a diverse selection of rare Indonesian and Southeast Asian art, with 'Wayang' serving as our central motif—a symbol encompassing shadow, puppetry, and ancestry, deeply rooted in Indonesian culture.


40 Years  of Creativity

Indonesia's rich tapestry of art, philosophy, politics, and religion finds its expression through Wayang, a source of inspiration influenced by Indian, Chinese, Arabian, and European hues. Sensing the changing landscape in the 1980s with the rise of television and electronic communication, Chan and Nen passionately curated artistic treasures reflecting these diverse influences.

Join Us

Join us in this digital journey as we showcase not only our collection of ancient and antique arts but also the insights and creations inspired by our exploration. Experience our work firsthand by visiting our home and gallery, where we eagerly await your presence.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bali Puppet Factory, where tradition meets innovation, and every creation tells a story of cultural richness and artistic mastery.


Our Bali Workshop

Gallery Showcase

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of South East Asian art. Browse through our gallery highlights and discover the intricate details and historical significance behind each masterpiece.

Visit Our Home Gallery

Schedule a private viewing at our showroom and immerse yourself in the magic of Indonesian puppetry.

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