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Standing Ganesh with 4 arms

Standing Ganesh with 4 arms

SKU: 437

An antique Khmer style bronze standing Ganesha in 12th century, Angkor Wat style. The distinctive verdigris patina of this piece is particularly delightful. Ganesha is the elephant headed son of Shiva.He is holding 4 symbolic objects :1)The Trishula trident represents the three-fold power – love, wisdom and action.2) The Bhagnadanta = his own broken tusk. A gesture of breaking the ego.3) The Rudraksha beads prayer Mala 4)a Sesame ball = Size doesnt matter, what matters is the real quality.

  • Dimension

    Height: 57cm

    Width: 30cm

    Thick: 17cm

    Weight: 6.5kg

    Material: bronze

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