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Ganesh Statue

Ganesh Statue

SKU: 438


This beautiful 8-arms bronze Ganesha has facial features and ornate jewellery typical of the ancient Angkor Wat style. The direction of his trunk to his left has a symbolic meaning as the direction for success in the world. Each one of his eight arms carry symbolic sacred objects with spiritual powers : His own broken tusk attributed to breaking the Ego, a flying Disc, a Book of Holy scriptures, a Trident symbolizing Love, Wisdom and Action, a Noose to save lost devotees and a Sesame sweet ball. A mala of Rudraksha Praying beads. A Sugarcane stick called "Ikshukandathe" representing the sweetness of spiritual life

  • Dimension

    Height: 40cm

    Width: 37cm

    Thick: 20cm

    Weight: 5.3kg

    Material: bronze

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