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Our Tribal puppet creations are fully made in our workshop in Bali. 
Most of the wood used for carving is from the balinese Pulé Wood. 
All the carvings are done individually by hand. 
The rods and hand sticks are mostly from turned Campher wood or carved bamboo.
All the wood has been treated against termites or woodworms. 
Some bodyparts are delicately handpainted with acrylic colors. 
The dresses are always selected from old traditional tribal textiles using handwoven or handspun or meticulously embroidered  and batiked cottons, satins or silks from our collections. 
The jewels and ornaments are always old and authentic pieces from various asian tribes. All of them were made by hand using white metal, goldgilded copper and brass as well as silver alloys. The colorful stones are from glas and old porcelaine beads as well as reprocessed gems. 
The system of the rodpuppet is a classical
centuries old indonesian technique. 
A central rod is inserted through the bodies central axis and holds the head of the puppet so that it allows to rotate the heads movement. 
The wooden arms are hinged and attached to the wooden body so that they can move in all anatomical directions. The hands are part of- or attached to the arms and are held by longer sticks. 
The manipulation of the two handsticks defines the gestures of the rodpuppet. This allows the puppeteer to perform the puppet in a way that makes it come alive in a similar mode as the famous Wayang Golek of Indonesia. 
The ethnique tribal rod puppets are the unique creation of the famous Bali Puppet Factory Bali.

Natural Village Puppet - NVP Q

SKU: 1
Color: Green
  • Our original design puppets come with individual style. Each puppet dressed in tribal, wearing a unique head piece. Every puppet is unique and only one of a kind. 

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