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Lembu Sora Shadow Puppet - the power symbol

Lembu Sora Shadow Puppet - the power symbol

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Wayang Kidang Kencana is a medium-sized puppet (neither big nor small).


The javanese15th cent. Sultan of Demak, created the exclusive Wayang Kidang Kencana, a smaller shadow puppet set for female puppeteers.  The stories are from the Mahabarata and the Ramayana.


Wayang Kidang Kencana puppets are quite rare, and of a much finer quality, the hair of the princesses are mostly loose and intricately carved. They wear princely jewelries and adornments and their clothes are fully plaited with gold prada. The gods, monkeys, and giants use cloth rolled up like stone statues.


The rods of our unique Kidang Kencana  puppets are made from albino bullhorn.


  • Product Info

    Material: Genuine Leather ( cow leather)

    Stick: Albino bullhorn 

    Code: WKK11

    Dimension: 32cm high (without stick)

    49cm high (with stick)

    15cm width

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Color: Pink

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